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tree roots


Check the latest adding about Missouri Wind and Solar Windturbines (feb 2014)

SkyMax windturbine approved by JeffThe Netherlands is bursting with energy, or rather, nature is bursting with energy. We are consigned to the use of using single-source technology. In order to harness this technology, the realization of a particular technique looms around the corner, which directly involves a price ticket!

Furthermore you might or might not encounter the following problem.
You are not allowed to have an enormous wind turbine mounted on a post 9 metres high next to your house, something understandable. Although in a non populated area you see posts 12 meters high with a light for horsriding and nobody complains. But at present there are other alternatives, which are equally possible, namely, those which can be placed on a roof.

Small-scale turbines are a possible solution for the future. Should it be cloudy and rainy, something not uncommon in The Netherlands, this is usually accompanied by a lot of wind, also not uncommon the Dutch! When this occurs, the solar panels work at a minimum and the wind turbine is able to take over the production of energy. There are a number of suppliers of small wind turbines, but there are a number of issues, which need to meet my demands:

On the Internet there are a number of systems either still in the process of production or either too expensive. But there is a change in the windturbine market


The windturbine market in the USA is booming, people want to be selfsupporting and/or there are socalled preppers.


Missouri Wind and Solar Windturbines 

Lately I found on YouTube and Ebay Missouri Wind and Solar their windturbines meet my four demands.

Those guys know what they are doing and I'm very happy with what they al show on You tube, from their product to how to connect a complete system, just look at all their movies, strait from the hip no bullshit


And to be honest the quality looks very good and "approved by Jeff"



The following system is excellent but rather expensive... I found it a couple years ago.

The Honeywell Wind Turbine made by Earthronics

The conventional wind turbine system has many applications and for large turbines, where the wind can be harnessed to full capacity, it works perfectly, however this does not apply to small turbines. Here another system is needed and this turbine actually complies with all the demands I expect from a turbine. One disadvantage is that it has just been developed and is produced in America.

The conventional turbine works via transmissions, whereby a generator transfers the energy into electricity. In the case of the Windtronics system, the blades pass through magnets and electricity generated immediately.

In America, this system costs $ 6500,- excl. assemblage. There have been requests for this system from 68 countries already and should also be available on the Dutch market shortly. I hope that this system will comply with Dutch standards and permission will be granted for its placement on roofs, with the normal VAT and no extra energy tax.
In America you even get 30% back from the Tax. The system produces between 1500 and 2500 kWatt per annum, depending of course on the region and placement.

A YouTube may be found below to clarify matters.