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tree roots

My future home

The Tiima Talot House

My dream house to be!

Tiima Talot model 96First of all I would like to clear up any misunderstandings one might have, regarding this house. It is not a log cabin or chalet, but a fully fledged house built with wooden logs. Unlike the houses built with bricks over the past centuries, this system of building houses is applied in countries with an extremely cold climate, for example, in Scandinavia and Canada.

Tiima Talot uses Finnish red pine wood logs for building houses, by tradition from enormous round tree trunks. This is naturally (literally and figuratively speaking) extremely attractive to look at, but it does have its disadvantages. A round tree trunk has the tendency to shrink and split and in The Netherlands it is required to be at least 30cm thick, also not round but interlocking. If these requirements do not meet with the standards set, the whole interior has to be isolated, thereby destroying the aesthetical effect of the inside. Searches for an alternative solution lead me to the system used by Tiima Talot in Finland.


Double log systemTiima Talot Double Log System

Tiima Talot uses beams of 95 x 197mm (w x h). The outside wall is stacked with double beams (see illustration) with a gap of 150 mm. For the inside walls, single beams measuring 95 x 197mm are used. The total breadth of the roof construction is 30cm.

More information on this subject will follow.



The Tiima Talot 69

This is the house I plan to build for and by myself. There will be a cellar (approximately 40 m2 for business purposes), with approximately 80 cm above ground level, which of course will allow for light to penetrate though the surrounding windows, refer to the last illustration. The house only has a living area of 69 m2, encompassing a small living room with adjoining kitchen, one bedroom and bathroom, the cellar will be used for business purposes because the vide (remaining space) is too small, though large enough for a guest room.


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The Tiima Talot 96

Should the Town Council consider the model 69 too small, I still have the option of building the model 96, which has a living area of 96 m2, and consists of a more spacious living room and kitchen, with the possibility of building 2 or 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and a vide (which will become my office/ business area). A cellar would therefore not be necessary.