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tree roots


Solar energy obtained from solar panels

The sun provides us with an energy source, cost-free.

We have been using the sun since time immemorial. For thousands of years we have used it for navigation purposes or to tell the time. But what I am referring to now is the use of the sun by harnessing its energy.

This an be done in various ways, for example, solar panels or solar boilers.
The present solar panels still generate energy, even when it is overcast, though obviously to a lesser degree than when it is sunny.

The price of solar panels has dropped drastically over the past few years, though it is actually kept artificially high.



Everyone is under the impression that subsidies make this a viable proposition. But this is not the case.
Two years ago I approached an importer and a contractor for more information. After a friendly chat, the importer made a slip when he told me that the solar panels cost him €500,- a piece. The offer made was for 11 panels, a transformer and installation costs, but the quote came to €12.000.

I offered to install the panels myself, and have the contractor do the electrical installation. The discount given was €500. I do not do business this way, it is a rip-off, plain and simple and my "green? turns into their gold: a good result for one day?s business.



The development of green/ecological energy is making great strides presently and this is due to two factors or causes:

The Netherlands on the other hand, is lagging behind regarding green energy, the reason being that the Dutch economy is dependent on fossil fuel. Taking into account the prices paid by other countries, we are at the top of the list when it comes to the payment of energy, resulting from all the levies imposed.
Take petrol for example, here I really do not have to spell things out, but this also applies to your electricity and gas, more than half of it is taxation.

Explanatory text with the picture
1. Solar panels placed on the roof produce energy
2. Transformer converts the energy immediately into available (usable) alternative electrical current
3. Solar energy is utilized
4. Surplus solar energy is stored in the mains via the meter box

To make up arrears on green energy, there are a couple solutions, subsidies on investment for generating green power by solar panels or at least no extra tax on the investment. At this moment you can buy green electricity with all the electricity suppliers but please don't investigate their terms. There is even one who sells nuclear energy a green electricity, it is so green that we get some waste for the coming 10.000 years.

But back to the solar panels.

The price is dropping drastically, two years ago this was € 7,- per Watt peak (Wp), and the price is going to be reduced even further to € 2,- (Wp)
The reason for this? It is a combination of competition, technology for production and the plasma TV. You might ask, "Plasma TV??
The plasma TV is on its last legs but the production lines are far from being worn out. It is really just a matter of transforming these for the production solar panels. At the moment that is the case in India.
There is, therefore, a radical drop in price due to supply, and it will not be long before the "DIY? businesses will have them on the shelves.

I hope for a cost recovery period of 10 years, that will be reached within 2 or 3 years.

Mark my words!

Written by Manfred Snijders September 2010