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About the person with an off the grid desire and the incentive to show how it can be done without any inconvenience or loss of luxury

my dream

"My green dream"

Allow me to share my dream with you, which  I had hoped to realize before my 50th birthday. However, as I am 55 now, it is realised.

Of course I have other dreams too, but I'll focus on this one for now.

This is my dream: to build a house from the wood produced in ecologically grown forests, a house similar to a Finnish Log house. 
(NOTE: Just to avoid confusion, what I mean by "a green house"
is an environmentally friendly house and NOT  a "hothouse"!)

The building should comply with the following:

Factors influencing a well-insulated home on a long term basis.

Depending on the size of the plot of land, my goal is to purify the waste water/drain water using efficient and responsible cleaning materials and by installing a natural filter system, which will actually conduct clean water to the sewerage system.(this was not allowed)

My main objective in building this house, is to use ecologically exclusively grown materials, both inside and outside for example, hemp or flax for insulation. It will also have a double-walled beam construction using Lapland red pinewood logs, measuring 95x197mm with a cavity of 150mm.
The gap between the logs can be filled with 130mm hemp for insulation, making a total of 4,5 Rc value for the walls possible. This is 50% better than the norm used for measuring new buildings, (the Rc value for new buildings = 3,0). The choice of the insulation material is dependent on the insulation value, infallibility, sensitivity to damp and durability. For further information, refer to the section on insulation materials...

If at all possible, the area I would like to build in is the Gemert/Bakel municipality, failing this, I am prepared to build elsewhere where there is privacy, peace and quiet, what the Dutch call, "een hutje op de hei" or "in the middle of nowhere", preferably in a wooded area. In Gemert/Bakel a great deal of agrarian activity is being relocated, with the result that much of the ground has been targeted for new "farm-like houses". I would like to discuss this principle and what exactly it entails with one of the town councillors or officials and to put forward the plans I envisage for an "ecologically-built house".

During and after the realization of my plans to build a "green house", shall we call it, with its own energy source, I would like to share this concept with other like-minded people. This will be more extensively explained in the website with the possibility of scheduling appointments to discuss this concept.

This idea has made me really enthusiastic and all that remains now is for the Town Council to give its permission for the  go-ahead. Selling my house will enable me to realize my dream!

The knowledge is available, the concept is viable and I am ready to lead the way:
why wait till tomorrow,  join me in making this your dream too!

Written by Manfred Snijders, September 2011