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tree roots

Electricity: the ecological way

Generating energy in the authentic green way is possible in many ways, of which only two, wind and solar energy, will be discussed here, as these are viable options for everyone who has a roof.

The main objective of the new home is the generation of energy connected to a network system, where energy is accumulated when not needed and can be available when the production level drops and more energy is needed. The overall picture is such that enough energy will be generated in order to avoid having to pay for a network connection, should too much energy be generated.


 Wind Energy

At the moment a number of small scale wind turbines are being marketed. It goes without saying that the wind must be able to reach these turbines; therefore placing a turbine in the middle of a wooded area would not be feasible. The availability of an open field or on a high roof, lends itself to this type of energy generation.
For further information refer to electricity from wind energy...


 Solar Energy

During the daylight hours, solar energy can be generated. An example on a tiny scale is your calculator with solar cells. Think of this system on a larger scale and it will probably become unaffordable and you will be forced to apply for a subsidy. Or not!?!
For further information refer to electricity from solar energy...